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More Than 15 Years Fighting Criminal Charges In Wisconsin

A criminal charge can permanently damage your chance of finding housing, landing the job you want or advancing your education. In some cases, a conviction might even land you in prison for many years.

When up against Wisconsin’s intimidating criminal justice system, you need a defense attorney who is ready to fight for you. Kerri Cleghorn is known for taking on difficult cases and winning. For more than 15 years, clients in the Milwaukee metro area have turned to Cleghorn Defense for representation when facing charges such as:

Kerri understands the devastation that a criminal charge can wreak on your life. She works assertively to minimize the impact on your life and those of your loved ones. No matter how daunting your case seems, she will strive tirelessly to protect you.

Unafraid To Go To Trial

In many situations, Kerri can achieve a positive resolution without going to trial. With that said, she understands that sometimes litigation is necessary to secure a favorable verdict. She does not fear the courtroom; on the contrary, she thrives in it. If the district attorney’s office does not dismiss your charges or offer a beneficial plea bargain, she will go to trial without hesitation.

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The state has nearly exhaustible resources when it comes to prosecuting people. You need an attorney like Kerri Cleghorn to level the playing field. When you need a strong defense lawyer on your side, reach out to her for a free consultation. Call 414-567-2288 or send her an email to get started.