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Operating With Controlled Substance Defense Attorney

When you’re caught driving while under the influence of drugs or narcotics in Wisconsin, you’re charged with both an OWI and an OCS – which could mean double the fines and possible jail time depending on the circumstances of your case. Get the aggressive legal counsel you need to beat your charges with attorney Kerri Cleghorn. Discuss the parameters of your case in person throughout southeast Wisconsin or over the phone.

What Is An OCS Charge?

An OCS charge is applied to an OWI if the person is under the influence of illegal or illicit drugs and/or prescriptions at the time of the event. The first charge is Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), which does not have to coincide with drinking or blood alcohol concentration. An OWI only means that the individual was too impaired to be operating their vehicle safely.

You will only be sentenced to one year if you are convicted, but the penalties will be steep. Get an attorney who will defend your rights and force the state to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Schedule a free consultation with Cleghorn Defense.