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First Offense Drug Possession In Wisconsin

Criminal Defense Attorney for Illegal Drug Possession & Intent to Distribute Charges

While many states reduce or eliminate drug related penalties, Wisconsin continues to prosecute drug offenses harshly. If you are charged with drug possession in Wisconsin, the type of drug and amount you possess at the time of your arrest will affect the severity of your punishment. Specific counties in Wisconsin may punish the same drug offense differently. Certain “aggravating” circumstances will lead to a misdemeanor infraction being upgraded into a felony offense.

Wisconsin Controlled Substance Laws

Every controlled substance in Wisconsin is classified into one of 5 “Schedules.” Schedule 1 drugs are considered the most dangerous while Schedule 5 substances pose only a slight risk of dependency. In addition to the drug type, law enforcement will also consider the quantity when evaluating your case. Possessing large quantities of any drug, regardless of Schedule classification will lead to more severe charges. Criminal Defense Attorney Kerri Cleghorn will thoughtfully access your case to reduce your charges or eliminate them altogether. Contact her for a consultation.