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Milwaukee Cocaine Possession Charges And Case

Not Guilty

Location: North Side, Milwaukee, WI Charges: Possession with Intent Cocaine (5g – 15g) Verdict: Not Guilty Timeline: 2 years, October 2016

Case breakdown

A 39-year-old male was arrested on the north side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when police executed a search warrant on the home that he was in. The client was within feet of large quantities of cocaine as well as other drugs. At trial, police testified that he was a resident of the house and therefore had knowledge and involvement in the drug-dealing enterprise. Defense was able to uncover and present evidence that he was not a resident and therefore there was no proof that he was involved. The jury agreed and found him not guilty. Kerri Cleghorn was the second attorney, and this matter took about two years. The case would have been simplified if the client had not given a statement to the police.

WI Criminal Defense Attorney For Cocaine Possession Charges

Attorney Kerri Cleghorn is an experienced drug defense lawyer practicing in southeast Wisconsin. Much of her criminal defense experience includes drugs and narcotics charges for minors and adults. Defending your rights in these cases isn’t negotiable; make sure you have an attorney willing to go to trial to prove your innocence. Schedule free consultation