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Milwaukee Drug Trafficking Charges And Case

Not Guilty

Location: North Side Milwaukee, WI Charges: Keeper of a Drug House Verdict: Not Guilty Timeline: 1 year, May 2016

Case Breakdown

32-year-old woman arrested on north side of Milwaukee after officers detained her for suspicion of drug dealing. At trial, officers alleged that during her detention she admitted to dealing out of her house. During the trial, attorney Cleghorn shed doubt on the reliability of the officer’s testimony. The jury agreed and found her not guilty. This case took approximately one year. The client had prior counsel with whom she was not satisfied. She was referred to Cleghorn Defense by a prior client. The case would have been simplified if the client had not spoken to the police at all.

Criminal Defense Attorney For Drug House Charges In Wisconsin

Attorney Kerri Cleghorn is an experienced drug defense lawyer practicing in southeast Wisconsin since 2003. Much of her criminal defense experience includes various drug and narcotics paraphernalia and drug house charges for minors and adults. Defending your rights in these cases isn’t negotiable. Contact Cleghorn Defense to schedule free consultation.