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Milwaukee Possession With Intent To Deliver Cocaine Charges

Not Guilty

Location: North Side, Milwaukee, WI

Charges: Possession with intent to deliver cocaine (>15-40g)

Verdict: Not Guilty

Timeline: 3 years, due to appeal, January 2018

Case Breakdown

26-year-old male arrested during the course of an alleged drug deal. The arrest occurred on the north side of Milwaukee. Cleghorn Defense succeeded in a suppression motion that was appealed by the state and went up through the Court of Appeals. Defense ended up having to try the case to a jury. Evidence garnered at the suppression hearing led to the jury finding defendant not guilty. Due to the appeal case, this took three years. This client was referred to Cleghorn Defense by a prior client.

Criminal Defense Attorney For Possession With Intent To Deliver Cocaine Charges

Attorney Kerri Cleghorn is an experienced drug defense lawyer servicing Wisconsin cases since 2003. Much of her criminal defense experience includes drugs and narcotics charges for minors and adults. Defending your rights in these cases isn’t negotiable; make sure you have an attorney willing to go to trial to prove your innocence. Schedule free consultation with Cleghorn Defense to learn more.