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It is never easy to encounter a family problem, especially when it intersects with the law. Whether it is a divorce, a custody dispute or a guardianship, a family law attorney can guide you through the difficult steps toward a satisfying outcome.

When you need a reliable lawyer to advocate for your best interests, protect your rights and help you do what is best for your family, you can turn to Cleghorn Defense. Founder Kerri Cleghorn has more than 15 years of experience practicing law in Wisconsin. You can come to her for all family law concerns, including:

  • Separation and divorce: End your marriage and move toward a happier life.
  • Asset division: Kerri strives to protect your finances in your divorce arrangement.
  • Child custody: If you have kids, she can help you get custody and parenting time.
  • Spousal maintenance: Secure a fair alimony arrangement, whether you pay or receive.
  • Child support: She makes sure your kids get the financial support they deserve.
  • Adoption: Get guidance through a complex process to grow your family.
  • Guardianship: If someone you love loses capacity, you can explore a guardianship.

Kerri is an aggressive yet compassionate ally who puts in everything she has to fight for her clients. There is no challenge from which she shies away.

Prepared To Fight When You Need To

Few attorneys prepare every case as if it were destined for trial. Kerri does. She is a tried-and-true litigator who has won seemingly unwinnable cases in court. Although she resolves the majority of family law matters without setting foot in the courtroom, you can rest assured that you have a trial-tested fighter on your side when necessary.

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Nothing is more important than your family. When you need a lawyer’s guidance with a tough legal problem, Cleghorn Defense is ready for you. To request a free, no-risk, no-obligation consultation, call 414-567-2288 or use the firm’s online contact form.