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Milwaukee Possession with Intent Cocaine Charges

Case Dismissed

Location: South Side, Milwaukee, WI

Charges: Possession with Intent Cocaine (>40g)

Verdict: Dismissal

Timeline: 1 year, July 2017

Case Breakdown

A 30-year-old male was stopped on the South Side of Milwaukee, WI while driving a vehicle that was suspected to be stolen. A search of the vehicle allegedly resulted in a significant amount of cocaine being discovered. The client had a different attorney that had suggested he take a plea offer. We set the matter for trial which resulted in the state dismissing the case due to the lack of ability to prove that any drugs found were owned or possessed by the client. This case took 1 year. The client was referred by a prior client when he was unsatisfied with the advice of his first attorney.

WI Criminal Defense Attorney for Possession with Intent Cocaine Charges

Attorney Kerri Cleghorn is an experienced drug charge defense lawyer arguing Wisconsin cases for decades. Much of her criminal defense experience includes drugs & narcotics charges for minors and adults. Defending your rights in these cases isn’t negotiable; make sure you have an attorney willing to go to trial to prove your innocence.

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