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Common mistakes parents can make with their children’s bail

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Criminal Defense |

Parents usually do not want their children, even if they are adults, to stay in jail when they are dealing with criminal charges. In Wisconsin, understanding the bail process helps ensure the best outcome for a child’s case.

However, several common mistakes can inadvertently harm the chances of a favorable resolution.

Lack of understanding of bail requirements

Parents may not fully grasp the financial obligations or conditions the court imposed. This lack of understanding can result in inadvertently violating bail terms, leading to further legal complications for the child.

Compliance with bail conditions is important for a child to stay free while awaiting trial. Common requirements include the following.

  • Appearing for court dates: The defendant must attend all scheduled court appearances as required by the court
  • Restrictions on travel: Bail conditions may include limitations on the defendant’s ability to travel outside of a specified area
  • Contact restrictions: Defendants may not be able to contact certain individuals, such as alleged victims or witnesses
  • Avoiding legal trouble: Defendants should refrain from committing offenses while on bail
  • Monitoring programs: Some defendants may have to participate in monitoring programs, such as electronic monitoring or regular check-ins

Other conditions may include getting substance abuse treatment and maintaining employment or education. Parents must ensure that they, as well as their child, understand the requirements for complying with bail.

Failure to communicate effectively with legal authorities

Effective communication with legal authorities helps everyone navigate the bail process. Parents who fail to communicate effectively with law enforcement or the court may inadvertently hinder the progress of their child’s case. Open and transparent communication is key to resolving issues promptly and advocating for the child’s best interests.

Careful consideration of the long-term implications of bail decisions are necessary for navigating the legal system successfully.